Traditional careers are challenged. 37% more unemployed year-on-year and 27% fewer vacancies compared to the previous year, according to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs at the beginning of November 2020. All the recently announced redundancies in the financial sector have not even been included, nor has the impact on the many freelancers, small businesses and short-time workers (currently around 10% of employees in Switzerland).

The impact of the current challenges on organizations is equally serious. Harvard Business Review reveals that 58 % of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. The Conference Board reports that 59% of Germans and Swiss are currently unhappy at work. Overall, the current times put enormous pressures on corporations and individuals alike. Outplacement Services though, provide widely the same functions as ever, measuring success via “equal or better salary” in the same function.

Modern career models suggest a different approach, as they propose altered functions of work depending on life phases and changing individual necessities at different times (Gratton & Scott, 2016). ‘One size fits all’ approaches might not be suitable for everyone, especially in light of the increased focus of ‘meaning’ within a younger generation. We want to suggest a complementary approach to career transitions and outplacement processes, viewing reorganisations not only as challenge, but also as ‘possibility to engage in something you always dreamed about’.

We provide a unique complementary set of expertise on these topics – including traditional career experience in senior corporate as well as Human Resources functions, but also entrepreneurship – and have put together a comprehensive package to facilitate and support explicit career changes towards social entrepreneurship or non-profit careers for those who are open to it – measuring success in terms of “equal or better meaning” in a different or the same function.

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Kai Isemann & Oliver Fink